contains information and web links about museum studies training, careers and jobs, Smithsonian Fellowships in Museum Practice.
Job satisfaction among museum professionals is high with a master's degree and/or foreign language skills. classes, workshops, tours, and outreach.
As a museum studies major, you'll get an insider's view of how a museum works and This course of study is highly interdisciplinary, and your course work will be In fact, some colleges offer museum studies as a certificate or concentration.

Museum Studies major subjects in college - conceptual

Students will gain an understanding of museums in context as dynamic, interactive information systems composed of people, objects, and activities. To be a director at an art museum, include extra courses in finance, non-profit management, and human resources to fulfill the many roles that job will involve. Knowledge Management What Is Knowledge Management? Knowledge Management Master of Science Admissions M. These topics show up in various types of institutions: anthropology, art history, natural history, aquariums and zoos, arboreta and botanical gardens, child-oriented, hobby and craft, historical sites, nature centers, planetariums, and science and technology centers. Museum of the American Indian National. This resource is now being hosted by the American Alliance of Museums. Earnings in the field vary considerably by type and size of institution and by specialty. Your browsing activity seems to have activated our rate limiter, which may be the result of your computer sending too many requests in a short timeframe, or other signs that. If you feel this block is in error, please contact us using the form below. Archive technicians need a degree in library science or history, or relevant work experience. They maintain relationships with the Board of Trustees and staff and facilitate communication between both groups.

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Museum Studies major subjects in college

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  • Museum Studies major subjects in college

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