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Botany /Plant Science jobs. 13 jobs to view and apply for now with Science Careers.
6. Horticultural Technician — Call it plant parenting or plant nursing. Either way, this botany job is all about caring for plants. You water, care for, and help plants. As fante pointed out, you really need that advanced degree to land a job in this trade that really pays otherwise it is all substandard pay for an excessive workload. As for engineering I can speak to that with some personal experience, Botany top ten carreers. On Becoming a Economic Botanist. Browse Outdoor Photos on Houzz. Just about every job we have open in the NR department of our Environmental Directorate requires a biology type degree. I suggest that there is more traditional botanical work to be done in tropics.

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Careers in Horticulture - American Society of Horticultural Sciences. Foundation for Polish Science Seeking applicants to become the first DIRECTORS of the centres of excellence, responsible for implementation of an original research agenda. The Vienna Biocenter VBC PhD Programme in Life Sciences has been running since…. Teaching is a great way to work in the field, but it is a love, not a wallet filler. I think people are being a little pessimistic here.

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Whether you're a postdoc or an experienced researcher, the Humboldt Research Fellowship Programme allows you to conduct long-term research in Germany! On Becoming a Economic Botanist. Very few colleges or universities give degrees in "botany" or even "zoology" anymore. They can talk about plant biochemistry, plant ecology, photosynthesis, plant genetics, etc. As one who opted for a career in engineering not my first choice, but my second and one I have enjoyed , I offer this advice : Choose a field you have a passion for, or at least a definite interest in, and look for ways to earn money in that field, or by doing related work. News Meetings Posting a NEWS Item.

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Botany top ten carreers

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