Finance foundation course in mathematics

Why apply for the International Foundation programme? guaranteed university placement for all successful students; a campus based programme with access to   Sat, Jun 10.
This programme includes a foundation year and an optional year in industry. and Statistics - BSc (Hons), Mathematics and Accounting and Finance - BA.
This course provides students with an understanding of mathematics and aspects of financial and economic theory such as financial markets, corporate finance. Finance foundation course in mathematics
Introduction to limits 2 Latin America and Caribbean LACC. Introduction to Pricing, Hedging and Optimisation introduces the concepts of valuation, hedging and portfolio selection. Probability, Distribution Theory and Inference continues the study of statistics and provided further statistical foundations for more advanced courses. You take two of the following half-unit courses: Measure Theoretic Probability, Mathematics of Finance and Valuation, Regression and Generalised Linear Models, Stochastic Processes. You will take Economics A or Economics B, depending on your economics background.

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Finance foundation course in mathematics

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  • Finance foundation course in mathematics

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