for Research and Education in the Arts, Sydney. Learning . that your arguments / examples are relevant to it. • Map out a . Sydney. Learning Development, University of Wollongong Essay writing: editing the final draft.
The word ' essay ' comes from a medieval French word meaning to weigh or to test (cf. A history essay will set forth an argument about an historical event or.
UTS: ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES. GUIDE TO THE WRITING . theme or argument of the essay, indicating the main points to be made. The body of the. How to Write an Argumentative Essay - Thesis Statements and Paragraphs In a bibliography the surname comes first. In a research essay, you are trying to prove that you have read and understood the texts on a set list of readings: you have to put them on an extensive bibliography, and you have to footnote extensively, if only to demonstrate that you have really read them. A history essay will set forth an argument about an historical event or problem, and will support the argument with reference to sources, both primary and secondary. Your tutor will be able to explain what we expect of your written work. A number of students have confirmed that they are not completely certain what a "reflective essay" is, and how it differs from a normal research essay.

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