Organizational and Nonprofit Management degrees courses

In nonprofit management programs, students learn how fundraising, effective leadership and financial management can improve a nonprofit organization.
The Department of Political Science and Public Affairs offers a graduate certificate program in nonprofit organization management.
Courses within this program include: Management and Leadership in Nonprofits, Human Resource Management, Starting a Nonprofit Organization , Managing.
Organizational and Nonprofit Management degrees courses Nonprofit Administration courses within this program include: Nonprofit Human Resource Management, Nonprofit Volunteer Management, Nonprofit Program Planning and Evaluation, Nonprofit Board Management, Nonprofit Grantwriting, Nonprofit Fundraising, and Nonprofit Financial Management. The Nonprofit Management Program offers:. How to Read a Nonprofit Financial Statement online course This course will develop your ability to appropriately interpret the major financial accounting statements that are used by non-profit organizations. Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management. The Nonprofit Management concentration will specifically prepare students for leadership roles within nonprofit and philanthropy fields. The professional graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management requires four courses.

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Organizational and Nonprofit Management degrees courses

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  • Organizational and Nonprofit Management degrees courses

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