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Home ยท OREA Real Estate College ; Courses This course provides details on the commercial real estate transaction, from listing agreement through to the final.
This intensive Residential Real - Estate Broker course (AEC) is tailored for people interested in real estates and looking for a dynamic career. Start Now! French language in accordance to the Real Estate Brokerage Act. Course list.
Real Estate courses are offered during the day and online. Moreover, you can complete the program in as little as one semester or you can even complete the.
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Renowned for its innovative degree programs, the University of California Berkeley is considered a premier public university. The various specialization areas include corporate finance, risk management and wealth management, under which real estate falls. Students are permitted to choose two electives from a list of courses which include advanced real estate investments, urban fiscal policy, urban public policy and private development, urban real estate economics, real estate development, real estate entrepreneurship and international real estate comparisons. Students are able to obtain internship. Individuals with degrees in the specialized area of real estate will be sought by employers for their skills in negotiations, arranging financing and valuation skills.

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Students enrolled in the program attain a thorough understanding of real estate theory and immersed in the field through internships, projects and mentoring programs. The program includes theoretical studies and training in the various techniques of managing finance and business. The curriculum for the programs includes both academic and applied learning aspects. Students have the opportunity to complete a certificate program, an undergraduate program, a full or part time MBA program and a PHD program. The program incorporates both theory and experiential learning within the curriculum. Students enrolled in the real estate major at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign have the opportunity to become a member of the real estate fraternity, Rho Epsilon.

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Real Estate college subjects list

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