Find information on school art facilities and national rankings and check out a list of additional schools with art history programs. Schools offering Art degrees.
The stereotype of the art history major — affluent, self-centered, came to his college education—instead, he snagged the best of both worlds.
Think that art history major is a good idea? Think again. The major ranks low on PayScale's report on best - and worst-paying college degrees. The best and worst majors (Open Q&A)

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Students choose either a business track to learn race track management, regulation and pari-mutuel racing organizations or an equine management track to study racing and breeding animals. Safest Public State Universities. Art History presents students with an unparalleled world view and a massive amount of cultural understanding. What you study: All aspects of the hose race track. Get the facts on accredited college degree programs online! Safest Schools by State. Students are required to complete field work and travel experience while in this program—which should be an incredibly exciting prospect to many! Career Outlook Career Profiles. Scholarships for Bilingual Students. Financial Aid: Grants, many different institutional and alternative loans, scholarships, and work-study Admission Considerations:, Art History funnest majors. While some courses are available online, and there is a online major curriculum in place at UWM, there are currently not enough resources or faculty to offer enough courses to support an entire major. BU is also concerned with activities outside of class such as volunteering, athletics, and extracurriculars. Upper-division courses and field studies requirements give students the opportunity to use their knowledge first-hand in internships and travel destinations.

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Art History funnest majors

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