Legal Studies online psychology class college credit

Our wide-ranging online degree programs in legal studies, legal support and you with the opportunity to build your resume while you receive college credit. The vast majority of courses in our degree programs—at both the graduate and . Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies» · Bachelor of Science in Psychology in.
The undergraduate concentration in Legal Studies introduces students to the history and function of the American It is often of interest to students doing a bachelor's degree in human services, multidisciplinary studies or psychology. In addition to the courses listed below, take one 3- credit JUS elective. Apply Online.
Here's our list of the top 25 online legal studies degree programs. The major curriculum breaks down as 21 core credit and 21 elective credits, allowing Core classes include Foundations of Law, Legal Research & Writing, Civil Practice, Real Law, Forensic Psychology, and International Criminal Justice, among others.

Legal Studies online psychology class college credit - the

Example coursework includes Legal Research, Criminal Law, Legal Analysis and Writing, Laws of Criminal Evidence, and a capstone. Supports students in the development of oral communication skills. Students also must complete a Criminal Justice capstone. Develops and refines the research, analysis, citation and writing skills introduced in Legal Research and Writing. The university currently offers two delivery methods: Microsoft Lync and Moodle. In-depth analysis of specific psycholegal topics. Legal Studies online psychology class college credit

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Legal Studies online psychology class college credit

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  • Legal Studies online psychology class college credit

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