Degrees are available in many traditional areas including Business, Religion, Theater and Music. There are some unique majors available, too, including Sign.
Online theology degrees may lead to many career paths such as social work, teaching at Christian Ministry Leadership, Business Management or Psychology.
Computers & Technology At a Christian college, students participate in a learning environment that helps them grow both intellectually as well as spiritually. .. Although biblical and theological studies remain a mainstay of this university, it has The school focuses on engineering, aeronautical science, business, and. Others may become volunteer recruiters for non-profit organizations. Masters programs at UMary include, but are not limited to, Business, Business Administration, Public Administration, and Project Management, these are all available with a concentration in Virtuous Leadership. They also offer a one-year Bible Certificate. Toccoa Falls College's Website. There are a number of bachelor degree programs available which include a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.

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