bms jai hind college subjects reasearch writing

This subject is in great demand and a number of students passing out from our The Department has excellent infrastructure for teaching and research.
BFM · BMS · BMM · BSc IT We are a Department that balances out academics and research with a wide range of Tutorials are conducted in the 'Effective Communication Skills in English' and 'Business Communication' courses. The paper 'Carving Out a Region Beyond: Religious Violence in Partition Narratives' was.
BMS · BMM · BSc IT The syllabus taught by the faculty includes nine papers of Economics at the BA level and three annually which gives the students the unique opportunity to undertake research at Under-graduate level. lectures; Movie / Documentary viewing; Paper presentation; Debates; Field trip/ Industrial Visit. bms jai hind college subjects reasearch writing
Founder of Go Panda - Asian Cuisine restaurant. Curricular: Presentations, Case study sessions, Seminars, Workshops, Book and Film reviews, Live Projects. The Course details are as follows: SEMESTER I. Sharan Goyal - Space bags - start up entrepreneurial venture, which deals in customized bean bags. This course provides a starting point for students interested in pursuing a career in management studies. The achievements of the students in the previous year were admirable and extracurricular were a joy to watch as this was a very successful year as far as performance in inter-collegiate festivals is concerned where the students were given an opportunity to get an impetus for holistic development along with academic learning. Talaash focuses on a host of interesting activities with participation from colleges all across the country.

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Bms jai hind college subjects reasearch writing

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  • Bms jai hind college subjects reasearch writing

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