Fashion Design and. Merchandising. Human Resource Management. Music Production. HRIM Hospitality Track. HRIM Tourism Track. HRIM Culinary Arts Track.
FYI, St. Benilde offers a whole lot of different courses from De La Salle Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management (BS- HRIM) Listing of Undergraduate Degree Programs Bachelor Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.
De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde. Manila, Metro Manila. menu ≡ HRM courses offered at DLSCSB. Bachelor's courses. BS in Hotel, Restaurant and.
University of Perpetual Help System. DLS-CSB LRC and MCO. The college is the first in the Philippines to offer degrees in animation, consular and diplomatic affairs, digital filmmaking, export management, fashion design and merchandising, multimedia arts, music production, photography and information technology major in game design and development. The main entrance of the campus is located at the first level of the Blessed Solomon Hall facing Taft Avenue. Quezon City Polytechnic University. The CDA program aims to develop practitioners in international relations. The college is surrounded by dormitoriescondominiumsand restaurants.

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Political Science college of saint benilde hrim list of subjects

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