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"Don't major in criminal justice if you want to go to law school," reads Aspiring lawyers should try to get the best grades—in whatever major.
Looking for the best degree majors for law school? Spoiler alert: Criminal justice and pre- law are not on the list. Now that we get that out of the way, here's the.
For a deeper look at what at best majors for law school and how to get in, check out the bestselling book The Law School Admission Game.

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Computer Science easy careers to study in college I feel like my academic record is horrible and the law schools may question my medical field majors at the community college which were never even changed before I transferred, Law best majors. Oh, and I know from very personal experience that a JD can be one way into the FBI : Im a recent college graduate and I have a low gpa. I am second year undergrad working Law best majors a B. Communication would be my least favorite pick of the bunch — not known for being especially challenging or attracting those who are especially bright and before I get called out for this, I was a communication major in college back in the day, but I double majored in history. Before you pursue it, talk to people who have the job s you hope to have one day and see what they say and what educational background they think you need. Exactly what specialization you choose is much less important. SBL wrote: solidsnake wrote: SBL wrote: Undergraduate major is completely irrelevant to your legal career unless you have a tech background and get into IP.
College courses reviews purchase apa format You either want to be a lawyer or you just want to really impress people with your school name. It would definitely distinguish you. Hello, I have a couple of questions…When I first started my undergraduate degree I was a Community College majoring in Criminal Justice and earned my Associates Degree. I am currently a student at Law best majors University OH where I am double majoring in Sport Studies and American Studies. Do I have a shot at getting into U of TN Law School? If not, Law best majors, is there anything I should do during my undergraduate years that would help me stand out in the application process?
I also have a bunch of other work experience in unrelated fields sanitation, parks department etc. I have heard and read that law schools look down upon applicants with a criminal justice degree. Should I do a thesis or comps? I take the LSAT in february and am very strong at test taking. I am only a high school student with high hopes in becoming a lawyer. I realize that many students choose Political Science, but I really want to stand out. People in your situation always make it sound like they want to work in educational policy, Law best majors.

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I am a senior in high school and have very recently come to the realization that Law is my calling, particularly Constitutional Law. I would probably have given much more consideration to a hard sciences major that would have given me more options outside law school, for instance. But I have had clients with PhDs overcome lower LSAT scores and other weaknesses in applications more easily. Do something with that time that shows you were not slacking and you were building your experiences. I believe you should pick something interesting and challenging, that will give you the opportunity to do significant writing and research, to interact meaningfully with faculty members, and where you can excel in a rigorous environment. Law best majors

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Law best majors

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