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Equine Degenerative Disorder Research Project The first horses we studied were Peruvian Pasos, but later on we have found DSLD in other, more The new marker should be easily identifiable in tissues obtained from a biopsy of the. Determine in which direction horses should stand in a cold wind to stay warm. Important Messages from Equine Viral Arteritis EVA. Add your FREE horse to our list of adoptable horses. Of course I realize that there are certain circumstances for which we wish to use our horses that make it almost impossible to avoid stabling, but to the extent that we can, we should. Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis VEE.

Equine Studies easy research project - criticism

Sign up for the latest in:. A board certified equine surgeon and an indispensable collaborator, he has joined this endeavor right at its beginning. The campaign has ended, but you can still continue to show your support. Our goal is to find at least one biochemical compound that appears in horses affected with DSLD and that it would signify the presence of the disorder. Her initial idea was to apply some of what she had learned from chickens to horses.

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Equine Studies easy research project

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  • Equine Studies easy research project

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