Accounting majors in government

Most accounting positions at the government level require you to have at least a bachelor degree and sometimes even a master's degree. In addition to.
Below is a list of federal positions that are appropriate for accounting majors. in Government Scholarships|
There are several major offices that employ government accountants to provide financial oversight; study and analyze fiscal data; monitor transactions and.
To do this, Assistant Examiners review internal records, Accounting majors in government, prepare reports and make specific recommendations for improvements. Gov't Career Profiles Salary Calculator. Treasury Enforcement Agents fall into the same general job classification as Assistant Examiners and therefore have the same accounting salary range and job outlook. Associate's Degrees in Accounting. Ten Steps to Joining the US Government. Select a school below to get more information. Lucie Virginia College - Fort Pierce Fortis College - Ravenna Virginia College - Florence Keiser University - Tallahassee Keiser University - Fort Myers Keiser University - Sarasota Virginia College - Pensacola Keiser University - Tampa Fortis College - Dothan Fortis College - Cuyahoga Falls Keiser University - Pembroke Pines Keiser University - Orlando All-State Career - Essington Fortis College - Montgomery Virginia College - Baton Rouge Keiser University - Lakeland Virginia College - Richmond Fortis Institute - Wayne Keiser University - Melbourne Keiser University - Lakeland Fortis Institute - Nashville Fortis Institute - Woodlawn Virginia College - Greensboro Fortis Institute - Port St. Accounting majors in government

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Treasury Enforcement Agents work with four different branches of the federal government. CollegeAmerica - Colorado Springs CollegeAmerica - Flagstaff CollegeAmerica - Denver CollegeAmerica - Phoenix CollegeAmerica - Fort Collins Baker College - Coldwater Baker College - Cadillac Baker College - Cass City Baker College - Clinton Township Baker College - Flint Baker College - Fremont Baker College - Jackson Baker College - Muskegon Baker College - Owosso Baker College - Port Huron Baker College - Reading Baker College - Allen Park Walden University Walden University Career Quest Learning Centers - Lansing Career Quest Learning Centers - Mt. Open Doors with a Degree. Ability to work with the public and remain calm under pressure. Myers Southern Careers Institute, Inc. In this role, you would be responsible for investigation and surveillance along with typical accounting duties.

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Accounting majors in government

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  • Accounting majors in government

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